We do

Supporting, celebrating and promoting local businesses producing products, systems and services within the Cape Town metropole and surrounds. 

Think Local.

Shifting consumer mindsets to think, eat, sleep, play, visit and experience where they are.

We do local

What is Made in Cape Town?

We support, celebrate and promote local businesses producing products, systems and services within the Cape Town metropole and surrounds (in a 100km radius of the metropole).

We advocate for local businesses, shifting consumer mindsets to think, buy, shop, play, visit, experience everything local; however and whenever they can.

We create connections across the local ecosystem to help businesses expand their market reach and to help consumers make more informed, easier choices about where they shop, eat, sleep, play, visit and pursue new experiences.


It’s all about supporting local business

We're for business.

We’re focused on building, promoting, expanding, celebrating, and cheering small, medium and also large businesses who have committed to starting, staying, and succeeding in Cape Town. 

We're for the makers.

We celebrate the pioneers, mavericks, innovators, creators, makers who one day had a crazy idea and the next day decided to make it work on their home turf, in Cape Town. 

We're for the people.

We make it easier for the consumer, shifting mindsets to think, buy, shop, play, visit and experience everything local, however and whenever they can. 

We're for everyone.

Made in Cape Town embraces qualifying businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small enterprises to large corporates and all the medium-sized entities in between.

We're for the city.

We use Cape Town’s geographic advantage as a lever to promote the ingenuity, creativity and innovation that originates within the Cape Town metropole and surrounds.

We're for the country.

We recognise the critical role Cape Town has to play in building and sustaining the national economy. What’s good for Cape Town is good for South Africa.


Who is behind Made in Cape Town?

Made in Cape Town is a project of the Craft & Design Institute, created with seed funding from the City of Cape Town.

The concept was developed after extensive research into the needs of businesses in Cape Town. It’s all about enabling small and local businesses to access markets, networks and opportunities via a vibrant ecosystem.

Above all, Made in Cape Town is a call to action, for businesses and consumers to buy, shop, visit, play and do local – wherever they are. 

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