Why do we need Made in Cape Town?

MADE IN CAPE TOWN promotes, celebrates and supports products, systems and services that have originated within the Cape Town metropole and surrounds.

MADE IN CAPE TOWN equally represents new concepts, businesses on the rise or entities with deep origins in Cape Town that have taken the world by storm. But, most importantly, it unlocks access to an ecosystem that stimulates business growth, supports the local economy and encourages businesses, residents and visitors to buy local As a member, you’ll be able to access wider markets, access a powerful network and access opportunities to grow.

Made in Cape Town gives all businesses – 
from SMMEs to large corporates – an opportunity to stand side by side on the same platform to let the world know that what they have (and do) is MADE IN CAPE TOWN. As we discover more and more stories, and promote them here on our website as well as on our social media platforms, you’ll be surprised to learn how many amazing ideas, events and products have their roots in the Mother City. 

Launched in October 2021, MADE IN CAPE TOWN was conceived in partnership with the Craft & Design Institute, with seed funding from the City of Cape Town’s Enterprise and Development Department, for the direct benefit of businesses and people living, working and playing in Cape Town, and the indirect benefit of the whole of South Africa.

It’s time to celebrate all things MADE IN CAPE TOWN and show support for our home-grown businesses. If you have a Cape Town story to tell us – either about your own business or your favourite Cape Town experience, visit our SPEAK TO US page.

Help us to grow MADE IN CAPE TOWN so that we can make it the platform you want it to be.

Who started it?

MADE IN CAPE TOWN is a project of The Craft and Design Institute (CDI), developed with seed funding from the City of Cape Town’s Enterprise and Investment Department. Our strong foundation demonstrates the strength of collaboration between the public and private sector, and the power of a shared vision to create jobs, support local businesses and drive economic activity.

Find out more about our other partners here.

What happens now?

Now you tell us what MADE IN CAPE TOWN means to you – as a business, a private individual, a local or a visitor.

Start the conversation here.

How did it begin?

“Made in Cape Town” started out as a research study between the two key partners in November 2019, to see if there was support for a movement that could develop and grow into an initiative that would support local business, assist with job creation and boost the economy.

This research included surveys and interviews with close to 800 participants ranging from members of the public to local businesses and international buyers.  The outcome demonstrated an overwhelming desire to capture the unique personality and authenticity of Cape Town businesses, across a broad spectrum of industries.

Coming out of the Covid-19 crisis, the key purpose of “Made in Cape Town” right now is to create a community that reflects hope and positivity, and helps uncover whatever else the movement could become. Perhaps it could become what Made in NYC (supported by the New York City Council) has become to local businesses in New York City in the USA? Or what the MADE IN community means to the United Kingdom?