Winter is always a challenging time in Cape Town. It’s wet and cold on some days and even when the sun shines, the temperatures drop as soon as darkness falls faster than you can say “Stage 4 loadshedding”. With or without loadshedding, winter is a rough season for the thousands of rough sleepers who are trying to find comfort and shelter during the rainy, cold months. One 2020 estimate suggests there are around 14 000 people living on the streets in Cape Town, and as the economic effects of the pandemic begin to dig in even deeper, this number will only rise. 

That’s why we want to dedicate this blog post to ways that those who have can support those who have not.

Who they areWhat they doHow can you help
Cape Town Central City Improvement District The CCID’s Social Development team engages with the Central City’s most vulnerable people on a daily basis, and concentrates much of its effort on assisting street people towards the services they need.For more on the CCID’s initiatives towards public awareness around people living on the streets, see SHOW YOU CARE on their Campaigns page.To assist the CCID’s partner NGOs with a donation, send a monetary contribution via SnapScan or SMS or access the campaign’s EFT details.
KhulisaStreetscapes, Khulisa’s flagship programme, provides a model for sustainable urban regeneration and addresses the neglected needs of the city’s very vulnerable population of homeless people. Departing from typical emergency relief type of services for the homeless, Streetscapes is structured to address their multi-dimensional needs. The ten project sites combined supported employment, psychosocial support and a ‘housing first’ type of accommodation.It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can be part of Khulisa Social Solutions and leave a positive legacy in the world. No contribution is too big or too small, and there is always room to receive the unique contribution you have to offer. On their website, keep scrolling to find the right fit for you, make your donation and work together with Khulisa to find more good people like you who can help leave people and places better than when we find them every day.
Ladles of LoveLadles of Love started when Danny Diliberto participated in a course through the Art of Living Foundation, inspiring him to create a project to give back to society. As a restaurateur, Danny decided to make use of his restaurant kitchen and cook up a fresh pot of soup.  From their humble beginning as a single soup kitchen, the organisation’s network has  grown substantially. In six short years, Ladles of Love has expanded from serving 70 meals at the very first soup kitchen to one of the most prolific food charity organisations in South Africa. Today, it supports numerous other community kitchens, schools, social enterprises, and NPOs with much-needed groceries and other goods, allowing them to reach out further and touch the lives of the vulnerable who need it now more than ever.Working in communities on weekly basis, Ladles of Love sees first-hand the impact of unemployment on people who line up for food at our soup kitchens every day in order to survive. With your support Ladles of Love continues to tackle this challenge head-on. #HumanityAgainstHunger #LoveActivists 
MES BellvilleMES Cape Town believes in a space where hope is possible, where values and norms are nurtured, where the disempowered are empowered, where human potential is developed and where dignity is restored. MES Cape Town provides services regardless of age, religion or sexual orientation.The services rendered to MES client groups include a holistic approach of prevention, intake and intervention leading to a sustainable exit for each individual. Presently MES Cape Town focuses on learners, adults, social support services and enterprise projects. MES geographical areas include Bellville, Durbanville, Brackenfell, Scottsdene and Belhar.MES offers an integrated social development service. Every service needs infrastructure, maintenance, petrol, administration – your general contribution will enable the organisation to continue changing hearts in the city!
Ons Plek Each year around 100 – 150 girls between 6 and 18 years leave home to fend for themselves on the streets of Cape Town. The girls have left home to escape physical abuse and neglect or have been sent away as their families cannot support them. They report that they eat better on the streets than they do at home. The female street children are the poorest of the poor. 
The girls are a minority group on the street – an average of 12% of street children are girls. They have the lowest status at home and on the street.
The foundation of Ons Plek’s work lies in their small specialised Child and Youth Care Centres. This facilitates work with the family and child. Ons Plek makes arrangements and solve problems together. In addition to weaning children from street life, the two other crucial focus areas of the project are:
All programmes are integrated very closely with each other to equip and prepare the children for their future lives.
There are various ways to support Ons Plek. In South Africa donations exceeding R 100 per year are tax deductible under Section 18a of the Income Tax Act. Tax receipts are available on request for submission with your annual tax returns.Onsplek will thank you for helping the girls dream about their future, and work for a better life! Find out more about donating to change lives here:
Somerset West Night ShelterSomerset West Night Shelter’s method is to make temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support available to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration. The organisation partners and cooperates with religious institutions, organisations, welfare bodies, service providers, businesses, government departments, local authorities and individuals concerned with the care and welfare of the destitute.There are several ways to help Somerset West Night Shelter on an ad-hoc or monthly basis. Check out more information here:
Souper TroupersSouper Troopers provides services that enable homeless people in Cape Town to transform their lives. As a registered Souper Troopers works with and advocates for the city’s most marginalised residents – those who live on the streets – within its ethos of DIGNITY, LOVE & RESPECT. The organisation operates The Humanity Hub, a service centre that addresses the holistic needs of a person, starting with the most basic needs to help regain dignity and including a full range of services according to their individual circumstances. There are several ways to help Souper Troopers on an ad-hoc or monthly basis. Check out more information here:
Stellenbosch Night ShelterThe Shelter opened its doors on 17 October 1991 and since then has provided temporary overnight accommodation with ablution facilities 365 days of the year for 30 men and 12 women. On 17 September 2007 the organisation opened its second shelter called the Annex where people are struggling with substance addictions. Here there is provision for 29 males and 4 females. It is run exactly the same as the Stellenbosch Night Shelter. Besides accommodation and ablution facilities, residents receive two meals per day and access to social work services.Vagrancy is a huge social problem, in Stellenbosch as elsewhere. When confronted by the homeless who beg for money people often experience conflicting emotions. Many kind-hearted individuals want to help but don’t know how. A good way of making a difference is to give the homeless person the opportunity to stay at the Stellenbosch Night Shelter.

Find out how you can help the shelter here:
StraatwerkStraatwerk non-profit organisation came into being in the late 1960s. Young people gathered on Friday evenings with a shared concern for those who were cast out by society, who were broken and in distress, and yearned to be loved.

Today Straatwerk is a registered non-profit organisation with a strong evangelistic focus. Straatwerk’s ministry team reflects the rich diversity of our country’s population and represents a range of different church denominations.
Read some of Straatwerk’s stories of hope, and find ways to donate to support their work here:
The Haven The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisation provides temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless people in the Western Cape.You can donate money in multiple ways. If you donate via EFT or a loose amount via Payfast, please inform them via their contact page so they can trace your donation. 
The Homestead The Homestead is unique in that it has a programme specifically focused on helping youth to transition out of a childcare and youth centre (CCYC) to equip them with the independent living skills, personal interests, social networks, and maturity they need to succeed. Youth in care need a less institutional environments within which they can take more personal responsibility, help manage their daily lives, complete their schooling and developing work, tertiary study, extra mural, and community-work experience The Homestead also provides ongoing after care support for youth who have moved out of the CYCCThere are a number of safe and easy ways to donate to the Homestead:
Via eft directly into The Homestead’s bank account
Via debit or credit card online using Givengain, Payfast or Snapscan
Without cost to you when you use your Myschool card to shop
As a monthly donor via debit order or via Givengain or Payfast
Through internationally accredited workplace giving/matching schemes
Through our international partners for USA or UK tax benefits
In kind by donating much needed goods and services.
By donating South African shares directly to the Homestead
The Hope ExchangeThe Hope Exchange is a beacon of hope for the homeless people of Cape Town who find themselves destitute because of circumstances rather than choice.

Hope starts with dignity and The Hope Exchange enables them to be respected for who they are, to be acknowledged and not dismissed. The Hope Exchange provides homeless people with the opportunity to wash, clean their clothes, get a meal, get clinic care and social support. Although these services are basic, it gives them the confidence to face the world with dignity in an effort to change their lives.

The services they provide enables The Hope Exchange to have a direct impact on their clients’ lives in the way they need support, with the intention of re-integrating them into society or re-unifying them with their families. The Hope Exchange provides homeless adults, most of whom are living on the street, and people at risk of being homeless with access to:
– daily ablutions, toilet and laundry facilities
– nutritional meals, directly and through partnerships with other NPOs social work services
– monthly healthcare wellness and screening clinic
– vocational and life skills training in partnership with 3rd parties
– short term second phase accommodation 

By providing these services The Hope Exchange creates touch points of contact with people to: access their circumstances; gain insight into the number of people in need; and get to start a conversation with them to help them get off the street or get help with other problems like drug addiction, abuse, mental illness, or even just access to a computer.
Your support will help The Hope Exchange to support the homeless people of Cape Town. By pulling together we can make a difference.
UTurnSince its founding, UTurn has been grounded in its mission to create an environment that encourages fellowship, inspires leadership, and spreads hope. 

U-turn is a registered Christian NGO, with headquarters in Cape Town. Over 20 years, UTurn has crafted an innovative skills based programme designed by occupational therapists that delivers long-term results for rehabilitation and reintegration. Six months after graduating from the programme, more than 80% of participants remain employed and sober.
There are various ways to support UTurn’s programmes. Find out more here: 
Visit Stellenbosch Give Responsibly campaignStellenbosch, Give Responsibly campaign kicked off at the beginning of 2019, offering a holistic and collaborative approach that is part of the municipality’s ultimate goal of reincorporating destitute people into society. Destitute people living on the street are a universal concern and a challenge that is not unique to Stellenbosch. Although there are many organisations that try to assist, isolated efforts can only go so far due to limited resources. That is why Stellenbosch Municipality, in line with its mandate, has stepped up to bring various stakeholders together and combine our resources to create a project that will provide a more holistic approach to assisting homeless people on a more sustainable basis. How does the system work? You purchase a coupon for R10 at any of the participating retailers where the Give Responsibly poster is displayed; or via the Cheese App. You write the person’s name, the person for who the coupon is intended, on the coupon (to prevent reselling) and select one of the services (a plate of food or a night in the shelter) on the coupon. The recipient then goes to the chosen organisation to trade the coupon for services. Find out more here: 

If you know of other organisations who are working to help people living on the streets in Cape Town, let us know on the Made in Cape Town Facebook page.