How local businesses can support each other in tough times

Small businesses in Cape Town are facing an economic crisis with the national loadshedding dilemma. Power cuts means shortened operating hours, spoiled produce, manufacturing delays, technical stoppages and numerous other challenges that seriously affect your small business’s bottom line. Now, more than ever, local businesses can and should support each other.

When you sign up to become a Made In Cape Town member, you will have access to a network of fellow local business owners who not only understand the impact that loadshedding has on your economic situation but will also likely be able to offer solutions to help you. Made in Cape Town is made for business and we aim to create connections between our members that supports their growth and their success.

Nurturing those connections are just one way for local businesses to support each other in times of economic crisis. Here are few other ways you can do it too:

  1. Run cross-marketing social media campaigns: Marketing can become an expensive exercise and is likely the first thing to be cut from the budget when your local business is facing an economic crisis. By teaming up with a fellow small business owner and cross-posting on each other’s social media platforms, you can tap into a new audience who may not know your product or service. This could increase  sales and raise awareness of your brand.
  1. Share your knowledge and resources: In times of crisis, sharing is caring. We all have a cheaper, trusted, reliable vendor and supplier. Sharing their details with your colleagues helps to position you as a collaborator; and the vendors will thank you in turn by referring your business to others. Share your cost-saving tips, loadshedding survival ideas and other solutions on the Made in Cape Town Facebook page or Instagram feed.
  1. Pay it forward: If you are unable to provide a certain product or service during a bout of loadshedding or another economic crisis but you know that there is a local business within your business network who offers something similar, recommend them to your customer, client or friend. Paying it forward is a great way of showing your business’s generosity of spirit and your community-minded character, improving your reputation as both someone good to do business with and as a great local business to support.

Are you ready to tap into our local business network for support during an economic crisis? Sign up to become a Made in Cape Town member TODAY.