The power of being part of a business network

You’ve heard the expression “it takes a village to raise a child”. Businesses, in particular, small businesses are like children—they take up all of your energy, money, and time and, you need a village i.e. a business network, to help you raise it/keep it going and growing.

With Made in Cape Town’s membership programme, we will not only help you to find your network of fellow business owners who can help your business to succeed but we will also help you to expand your marketing footprint and promote your business to local residents and tourists.

Made in Cape Town is a project of the Craft and Design Institute, supported by seed funding from the Enterprises and Investment Department of the City of Cape Town. We also count among our supporters the V&A Waterfront, as well as a talented team of designers (Lucky Fish Design Studio), web developers (Yellow Door Collective), social media experts (Mimik) and writers (Composition) who are all small local businesses. Being connected to these businesses is one example of how Made in Cape Town is made for business.

The power of being part of a business network can be summarised in three easy points:

Building relationships: Whether you call it networking or peer-to-peer engagement, meeting fellow business owners and being part of a business network means you will have access to the kinds of people who may be able to assist you with sales, bookings or recommendations. An increase in work, sales and bookings means an increase in revenue. All for the simple price of a meet-and-greet over coffee.

Improved business growth: If a successful first joint business project leads to a long-standing working relationship, it means growth for all the businesses involved.

Reputation management becomes easier: Customer reviews, social media content, and advertising are great for getting the word out to customers, but what is your reputation like among your peers? As part of a business network, you’ll be more visible to your fellow business owners because you are engaging with them face-to-face and directly. Your reputation will precede you based on the successful working relationships you will have.

Sign up to become a Made in Cape Town member today and discover the power of our business network.