Frequently Asked Questions

MADE IN CAPE TOWN promotes, celebrates and supports products, systems and services that have originated within the Cape Town metropole and surrounds.

MADE IN CAPE TOWN equally represents new concepts, businesses on the rise or entities with deep origins in Cape Town that have taken the world by storm. But, most importantly, it’s an initiative that drives home the real need to support the local economy and to encourage locals and visitors alike to support and buy local.

It also gives all businesses – from SMMEs to large corporates – an opportunity to stand side-by-side on the same platform to let the world know that what they have (and do) is MADE IN CAPE TOWN. As we discover more and more stories, and promote them on our website as well as on our social media platforms, you’ll be surprised to learn how many amazing ideas, events and products have their roots in the Mother City.

Made in Cape Town: 

  1. Unlocks access to expanded markets, through the Made in Cape Town marketing platforms and member benefits 
  2. Enables access to opportunities for increasing visibility, broadening their customer base and creating new connections for businesses operating in Cape Town Metropole and surrounds
  3. Provides access to a highly connected network of local businesses producing products, systems and services within the Cape Town Metropole and surrounds
  4. Enables businesses of all sizes to access the geographic advantage of ‘brand Cape Town’.

Made in Cape Town offers access to businesses operating in eight broad-based sectors: 

  • Design for the adornment of people and interiors
  • Design Innovations for Construction, Engineering, and Industrial Sectors:
  • Local innovations in Food & Beverage
  • Media, Communications and Digital Innovations
  • Uniquely Cape Town Tourism products
  • Visual & Performance Arts and Entertainment
  • Science, Health and Agriculture
  • Unique Cape Town solutions

No. Made in Cape Town is for all businesses of all sizes, from micro-entrepreneurs to global multinational corporates.

Launched in October 2021, Made in Cape Town is a project of the Craft & Design Institute, supported by seed funding from the City of Cape Town’s Enterprise and Development Department, for the direct benefit of businesses and people living, working and playing in Cape Town, and the indirect benefit of the whole of South Africa.

Businesses located within the Cape Town metropole, and within a radius of 100 kilometres of the metropole boundaries.

Made in Cape Town does not offer training courses, bargaining representation, nor a physical presence. 

It does offer businesses access to markets, access to networks and access to opportunities, through an ecosystem that connects small enterprises with large entities and a broader customer base to expand their market penetration.

Get in touch by email at and tell us about your business. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates on the initiative.